Cinnamon Tea Bags

Elnasr Cinnamon Tea is distinctive and savory – perfect with milk or on its own. Spice up your day with this bold black tea blended with a kick of cinnamon and ginger. The unique shape of our tea bag provides more space for our premium blend to infuse, bringing you a truly indulgent tea drinking […]

Cinnamon Tea Bags

Elnasr Cinnamon Tea is distinctive and savory – perfect with milk or on its own. Spice up your day with this bold black tea blended with a kick of cinnamon and ginger. The unique shape of our tea bag provides more space for our premium blend to infuse, bringing you a truly indulgent tea drinking experience….

12 Benefits of Cinnamon Tea:

1. Cinnamon as an Anti-Oxidant :  Like many members of  the species, I like to smoke, drink, work too much and generally lead a bawdy existence. Not really. I do smoke however and yes it is a terrible habit. Now that I am getting older and  wiser I have discovered that cigarette smoke is a huge problem and is one of the leading producers of free radicals which in turn cause cancer.

Apparently anti-oxidants can greatly reduce this damage. And like any good smoker I want to keep smoking and take lots of anti-oxidants to compensate. That was the plan anyway. I don’t think that would work.  Cinnamon by the way is the 2nd most powerful anti-oxidant in the world with an ORAC value of 267536 ?mol TE/100g in ground Cinnamon according to 2007 USDA figuresCompare that to the famous Acai Berry which has a value of 102,700 or Cocoa powder which has an ORAC value of 55,653 and Cinnamon looks a pretty good bet. Add black tea and you get an additional 313 increase in ORAC values.The problem is most of the Cinnamon tea in the market is fake, Yes that’s right fake. They put a smattering of Cinnamon bark which really delivers so little Cinnamon that it is pointless. Or they use natural flavoring which is even worse.

You see natural flavoring, if you read my previous post on this issue is as bad as artificial flavoring. I am convinced that the chemical process of natural cinnamon flavor extraction destroys the natural benefits of Cinnamon.  But because we use real cinnamon bark oil in our tea, it delivers a more realistic dose of real cinnamon. Without the liver damage causing Coumarin found in Cassia Cinnamon.

2. Effect Of Cinnamon On Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) :  For me of course the greatest benefit is the how cinnamon tea calms my stomach. I don’t know whether it is because I am a type A personality, but for years I have been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It was like ” Ground Hog Day “, only with IBS. Not fun. If you ever suffer from this you will know that it leaves you in a constant state of discomfort.  Especially after a larger meal. You have to go and go many times. There is also the feelings of bloating.

Recently after visiting the Mayo clinic site, I discovered not taking milk greatly helps and almost eliminates many symptoms of IBS. And of course eating smaller meals and exercise is a huge plus. The latter of course was never a problem for me as I like to keep fit . Besides I am always running around burning a lot of energy. And yes I had to stop eating chocolates too. But the thing is I love my milk and chocolates, especially chocolates. Not every day, just once or twice a week. Sometimes I also get a craving for coffee with a heavy dose of milk. How can you not, even if you are a tea drinker by birth? You need the occasional cup of coffee to appreciate the Tea, I know. When that happens the IBS nightmare starts again. That is until I discovered that Cinnamon tea and I mean real Cinnamon tea will virtually eliminate the IBS symptoms. While the causes of IBS is very complex the general feeling is that it is caused by an infection of the intestines.

After further research I discovered  Cinnamon is a natural disinfectant and that may explain why it is so effective to cure the symptoms IBS at least for me.  Now I can have my chocolate (in moderation)as long as I drink a cup of Cinnamon tea with it. It has also helped my smoking issues since sipping a cup of Cinnamon tea seems to reduce my cravings. So I have a home run with this combination.

3. Indigestion/Stomach Flu – Indigestion can cause stomach cramps, constipation or diarrhea, accompanied by a stomach ache or headache. Often caused by food not digesting properly for some reason. It could be because of a virus or the food you ate was not cooked properly or it was spoiled. A substance in cinnamon called catechins (a type of anti-oxidant) can help ease stomach discomfort, bloating, gas and indigestion. Cinnamon helps digest food as well reduce acid reflux by reducing stomach acidity. For best results add some honey as the combination creates a hydrogen peroxide effect. Read our post on the Cinnamon stomach flu remedy here.

4. Blood Sugar Control : But course the effects of Cinnamon tea go beyond this. Many diabetics have started to take  Cinnamon to control their blood sugar. And inevitable most of them gravitate towards Ceylon Cinnamon. You see the normal Cinnamon you get here in the United States has high levels of Coumarin, which taken in excess can cause liver failure. If you are a diabetic, chances are that you take Cinnamon every day and that means trouble. Ceylon Cinnamon by comparison has ultra low levels of Coumarin (.004%) so that means you can ingest all the Ceylon Cinnamon you want without any worries of liver damage.

5. Weight Loss & Belly Fat Reduction : Now let’s explore what it does to weight loss reduction especially to belly fat reduction. The jury is still out there on this one. For me it worked. Over a period of 4 months I had Cinnamon Tea twice a day. All the love handles went and all that was left was a little round of fat on the front portion. I tell ya it’s tiny. It is still that much harder to get rid  of, especially like me if you eat a lot of sweets.

My feeling is that with a proper program of exercise, nutrition, avoiding sweets, good food choices, Cinnamon can only help. However a  word of caution. Do not put milk in your Cinnamon Tea. Apparently adding milk cuts down on the anti-oxidant value of tea according  to this New York Times  article. We tend to agree and also feel that adding milk  even destroys the efficacy of Cinnamon. So best not to add milk. Of course that leaves the problem of staining. Drinking  tea without milk (even coffee), especially every day will stain your teeth more. So what is the solution? Brush regularly or use a straw. Personally I use a straw. A bit weird but it works. They even have stainless steel straws. No kidding!

6.Cognition, Alertness and Memory – Now this I can vouch for personally since I have used and seen a dramatic increase in my productivity level. Cinnamon boosts brain activity, resulting in increased cognitive abilities, memory skills, motor-response speeds and alertness.  What is the evidence you ask. From what I understand this is primarily due to Cinnamon’s ability to control insulin levels. The only study I could find was the famous Wheeling Jesuit university study conducted by Dr. P. Zoladz  who found that the scent or flavor of Cinnamon can boost brain function. Specifically it was said to improve attention processes, virtual recognition memory, working memory, and visual-motor response speed.

7. Blood Circulation and Purification– Cinnamon is a known blood thinner and aids in blood circulation.  Good blood circulation reduces pain as well increases your metabolic rate. And increasing your metabolic rate we all know can help reduce weight.However a word of caution. These very same anti-clotting properties could cause someone to bleed profusely if used in conjunction with other blood thinners if they get injured , are having an excessive menstruation or about to have surgery.

8. Heart Diseases:  While the Manganese, Calcium , Iron and Fiber present in Cinnamon is fairly high it effects is still debatable. But could still  help those suffering from coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. While the Mayo clinic says that there no evidence that cinnamon has a beneficial effect on cholesterol and we tend to agree, even they say it sure couldn’t hurt. We do know that Manganese helps develop connective tissues, absorption of calcium proper functioning of thyroid, sex hormones, regulating blood sugar level, and metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

9. Cervical/Colon Cancer:  Cinnamon apparently also improves the health of the colon and thereby reducing the risk to colon cancer. According to this study  “Water-soluble cinnamon extract was shown to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer in laboratory cell cultures of various types of cancer including lymphoma, melanoma, cervical and colorectal cancer. This could due to the fact cinnamon reduces the level of sugar in your system. Research shows that cancer cells depend on sugar to grow and expand their numbers.

10. Mouth freshener:  If you drink Cinnamon Tea without sugar it will keep your mouth feeling fresh and germ free. It may also prevent tooth decay and gum disease as the strong anti-bacterial and disinfecting properties of Cinnamon keeps your mouth healthy and promotes oral hygiene. But one thing you need to remember is to brush your teeth after drinking tea or at least rinse your mouth with water so the tea won’t stain your teeth.

11. Fight Flu Season – Helps fight sore throats and the common cold and congestion. Regular use of Cinnamon Tea, especially during flu season may help stop a sore throat and the resulting cold. Again the reason is the anti-bacterial properties of Cinnamon. It kills germs as the tea runs past your sore throat. Granted it will take a heavy dosage  of  Cinnamon Tea to have a strong anti bacterial effect, but the cumulative effects of all other things you do to could make the difference.

12. Menstruation: Cinnamon is effective in providing relief from menstrual discomfort and cramping.Instead of taking a commercial pain  killer and muscle relaxant why not try a natural remedy? Again a word of caution. Pregnant women should NOT take Cinnamon although a cup of Cinnamon should NOT present any issues in most cases.Very large quantities of cinnamon may induce uterine contractions, which could induce miscarriage or early labor. Large doses could also depress the central nervous system.

13 – Candia Yeast Infection Cure (Amendment 4/16/2013) –  Recently I discovered that our Ceylon Cinnamon Tea might also be good for fighting Candida Yeast Infections.

14.  Alzheimer’s Prevention (Added 9/20/2013) – The latest finding indicate that two compounds found in cinnamon — cinnamaldehyde and epicatechin — may be effective in fighting the disease. According to a study by Roshni George and Donald Graves, two scientists at UC Santa Barbara, Cinnamon and epicatechin have been shown to prevent the development of the filamentous “tangles” found in the brain cells that characterize Alzheimer’s.

By protecting tau from oxidative stress, the compound, an oil (as used in our Cinnamon Tea), could inhibit the protein’s development into a mass or whole. Distilled Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil generally has 70% Cinnamaldehyde.

Source: Cinnamonvogue