About Us!

Elnasr Industrial Trading Limited was established in 1963, and since then has been providing many services and products to the local Sudanese population as well as overseas. The company aims to become the leading provider of nutritional products in Africa as well as a competitor on a global scale.

The family started the business in Omrwaba town in western Sudan in 1936 founded by the first generations. The primary business was trading in oil crops, Gum Arabic and watermelon seeds. Then they built the first advanced oil mill for sesame and groundnut oil and that was the first generation of the family greatest achievement .

In 1952 they expanded their business to Port Sudan city which was the biggest trading center in Sudan at that time. Beginning with exporting and importing many goods to and from INDIA,JAPAN ,CHINA ,other ASIAN countries and EUROPE.

In 1963 the group moved to Khartoum and started its work under the name ELNASR INDUSTRIAL TRADING CO.LTD

In 1984 the third generation of the family joined the group and renewed ELNASR INDUSTRIAL TRADING CO.LTD way of business by being official agents for American, European and lately ASIAN companies plus continuing the original company business of Export and Import.

In 1993 the company built ELNASR HIBISCUS PROCESSING AND FOOD PACKGING FACTORY to add some value to the hibiscus instead of exporting it as a material.

With many difficulties facing the factory the company succeeded in turning it from a dream to reality by being the first factory in Sudan to develop the Sudanese crops like (Hibiscus, Tamarind, Baobab, Gum Arabic, Sudanese Dates, Spices, Sesame and Groundnut Oil) by adding the newest and most developed ways in food packaging the factory produce many hibiscus products like:

  • Hibiscus Teabag.
  • Hibiscus Flower in different packs 250 Gm’s, 1 Kg , 20 Kg and 25 Kg bags.
  • Hibiscus Instant Powder with sugar.

At the moment The factory products are exported worldwide specially to Europe, Mexico and many countries in the Middle east.

Now Elnasr is One of the leading provider of hibiscus flower and hibiscus flavored nutritional products as well as other food products, in the Sudan and worldwide.,with decades of experience in dealing with all types of orders and clients requirements.